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Netflix and Chill(i)ng : Food quotient !

Virtually nothing works better together than food and Netflix. There’s something so simple about just zoning out to the screen and munching on nomz that you love. We have done some pairing of popular binge worthy series with our delicious menu options.

1. Sacred Games and Biryani !

Sacred Games and Biryani is the ultimate pairing. Sacred games is one of the most streamed shows on Netflix. Biriyani is one of the most ordered meals for food delivery. Once you start watching Sacred Games , there is very little chance you’ll be able to do anything but dig into sumptuous Hoi Biriyani.

Stay glued. Get petfull maza with Hoi.

Our suggestions: Hoi’s Chicken/Veg Biryani.

2. Comicstaan and Chinese Food

Netflix is an emotion!

I know this show is available on Amazon Prime, but guys...guys ...guys…I am just trying my hand at comedy! Tsk Tsk!

Looking forward to a laugh riot with friends while watching some of the best and upcoming Indian comics? Add more fun with Hoi’s Chinese mania.

Laugh out loud. Get petfull mazaa with Hoi.

Our suggestions: Hoi’s Chilli Chicken with steamed noodles.

Dont know what is this for …

Also, now you can order for your family and friends without pinching a hole in your pocket with our Netflix night menu. It's packed with amazing options...Go see for yourself !

3.BoJack Horseman and Chhole Kulche !

My personal favourite.

BoJack Horseman a humanoid horse, a star of sitcom in the 90s, makes a come back in this animated series. Watch his tough fight back into the limelight coupled with an all time winner Chhole Kulche. The series takes you the tough times of BoJack and Hoi’s chhole kulche provides just the right comfort to your palate to enjoy the series to the fullest.

Get into comfort zone. Get petfull mazaa with Hoi

Our suggestions: Hoi’s special Cholle Kulche Combo.

4.Stranger Things and Paneer wraps.

Set in the 80s, this Netflix original series follows Mike, Dustin, and Lucas find their missing friend Will along with their strange, new, supernatural friend, Eleven. Steve who is an absolute sweetheart. The series gets strange so what goes best with it is some familiar food like paneer wraps. To go with wrap, Hoi would deliver great roasted makhanas with it. Strange. No. Believe me munching on the fragrant makhanas to really well with this gripping series.

Find Stranger things. Get petfull mazaa with Hoi.

Our suggestions: Hoi’s paneer wraps, Sattviko makhana .

5.Haunting of Hill House and Rajma Rice .

One of the scariest TV shows out there, The Haunting On The Hill House follows a family in 1992 who move into Hill House to renovate the place. However, due to unexpected repairs, the family has to stay longer. Shortly afterwards, they begin to experience paranormal activities and the story goes through a maze of twists. You can’t focus on anything else and hence you need something simple, delicious and fulfilling to go with this one. Rajma Rice, of course!

Love horror. Get petfull mazaa with Hoi.

Our suggestions: Hoi’s Rajma Rice combo .

Also, check out our friends night out menu for special discounts and a wide selection of main course, healthy snacks , drinks and desserts.

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