Why work at Hoi Foods?

 So many reasons, here are 5 of them!

We’re growing fast.

So lots of opportunity for career growth, learning and development.  

You can make a difference

We are changing the landscape of the food industry, you’ll get a chance to change the world in many ways. 

We’re collaborative and inclusive

When we solve our biggest problems, we do so together as a team. 

We only hire the best

So you’ll be surrounded by amazing, inspiring people all the time!

Its whole lotta fun. 

Each day we have fun, as we put more smiles or more faces every day. 

Our Values: 

Deliver happiness

We want to deliver happiness when we deliver food. We want our customers to greet our delivery by saying, “Hello Happy Food”. 

Innovate non-stop

We believe in changing the world, we want to keep innovating to make it a better place while keeping our customer first. 

Pride in what we do.

Always every time! We only create products and experiences we are truly proud of, things we ourselves would enjoy using. 

Care for details

We take care of small things, as that’s where the devil is! .Delight at work seeks and find moments to create memories at our workplace, each day. 

Feel fit for Hoi, drop in your resume at hello@hoifoods.com

See you in the mailbox!!!!